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What does a Lead business analyst do?


A lead business analyst is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of a team of business analysts within an organization. They are responsible for conducting thorough analysis of business processes, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies and solutions to help achieve business objectives. In addition, lead business analysts collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements, define scope, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Some of the required skills for a lead business analyst include strong analytical and critical thinking abilities, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a deep understanding of business and industry trends. They should also possess expertise in various business analysis methodologies and tools.

In terms of career growth, a lead business analyst can progress to senior management positions such as Director of Business Analysis or Chief Information Officer (CIO). They may also choose to specialize in a specific industry or domain, leading to opportunities for higher-level strategic and leadership roles within organizations. Overall, the demand for skilled business analysts is projected to continue growing, providing ample opportunities for advancement and career development in this field.


Lead business analyst
5 - 10 years of experience
A Lead business analyst is a management position that commonly requires at least five years of experience in a business analyst position.

The average Lead business analyst salary is $112,986 per year.
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Where do you get the data from?

We only used data from jobs posted on our website to calculate business analyst salaries. In the brackets next to each industry or state you can see how many business analyst jobs in the said industry/state we have on our site.

Please note that in many cases we currently only have < 10 data points to draw from, therefore the accuracy will improve as the amount of business analyst job opportunities on the site increases.

The business analyst salary guide is being updated every quarter.

Last update: 1st July, 2024

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