At Enfusion, we help investment managers solve their most pressing business challenges

About Enfusion

At Enfusion, we help investment managers solve their most pressing business challenges by looking at innovation from a fundamentally unique perspective. We give them the power to see clearly—so that they can act confidently. Institutional investment managers. Hedge funds. Family offices. No matter the firm or investment strategy, all asset managers share one thing in common: a single-minded pursuit to generate maximum returns for their investors. And the driving goal behind Enfusion is to harness the power of technology to remove the operational barriers that divert asset managers’ energy away from this fundamental task.

Enfusion’s platform uses one golden source of truth to unify the front, middle, and back offices: from portfolio management and accounting all the way through to order management, execution management, and analytics. And we’ve built it specifically to run in the cloud.

Why is cloud-native multi-tenant so important? Because it makes things possible at the operational level that other Software-as-a-Service solutions simply can’t. It ensures that portfolio managers can see what the trading desk sees. It makes weekly upgrades possible. It lets clients enter new asset classes effortlessly. But perhaps most importantly of all, it means that we never stop improving.

We also help managers expand their team while controlling their headcount. Our middle and back office managed services specialists are trained to leverage our platform’s features to the fullest, helping established asset managers and new funds alike reduce costs and streamline processes across their firm.

As a Fintech leader and pioneer in developing innovative solutions, Enfusion partners with 800+ investment managers from nine global offices spanning four continents. In 2021, Enfusion was named Best EMS/OMS Provider by the Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards and Best Institutional Investment Solution at the FinTech Breakthrough Awards.

What is the average data analyst salary at Enfusion?
The average data analyst salary at Enfusion is $140,000 per year.

This salary has been determined from our database, where we have 1 data analyst jobs at Enfusion.

(Last update: 1st July, 2024)