Business Analyst: Build your Credibility

A Business Analyst acts as a face of Customer to the Development team, most of the time. A Business Analyst should be credible enough and the team should have absolute faith in him. Development team should be able to ask any question regarding the system and they should believe in the answers that BAs provide. If they start having doubts on the answers BAs provide they may get tempted to develop something that is not needed by the business or spend extra time in clarifying the doubt from various sources.

The development team should trust a BA; this was the first lesson that I got from a senior BA. When I asked him how to do it, he told me that you have to figure that out for yourself there is no proven formula. Some of the things that I tried and how they helped me in building a good rapport with the development team.

  • Interact with the developers regularly and keep asking them if they have any doubts. The idea is not to overdo it as they may get a feeling that you are trying to judge their work. Keep it simple and just make sure that they know you are there if they need any clarifications in the requirements.
  • Make sure you run the development team through the requirements before they start with the implementation. Do it on module-to-module basis, plan with the Project Managers and Team Leads. Make sure you keep these sessions as informal as possible and try to make them understand the business pain points rather than teaching them (as they may switch off).
  • Encourage the team to approach you for any clarification in the requirements. When they approach you make sure you clarify their issues or get the issues raised to correct person, if you are not the right one.
  • It is a good idea to explain the business side to the developers and also let them know about the domain, as you have that knowledge. Have these talks at non-work timings like lunch, coffee or while traveling. Make sure you don’t come out as a person who is bragging about his knowledge but as a person who is genuinely helping. Keep it honest; if you are not comfortable don’t try it.

I tried these things and they helped me immensely in building a good relation with the development team. Do let me know what works with you and how you achieved it?

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75 Responses to “Business Analyst: Build your Credibility”

  1. Tim Wheel Says:

    Yeah there’s nothing worse than losing the trust and respect of your developers, seriously.


    • Simu Says:

      This article truly complements the real role of a BA. I believe the most important skill that any BA should have is the communication skill.
      It is the weapon used to make sure both the business & development team gets what they want.


  2. yashar Says:

    Thanks for following me on Twitter. And now that I have your site, I am going to add you to my favorite bookmarks.




  3. love_romance_books Says:

    This is a useful article. I wish you would have made it longer to provide more info on how to build up business credibility.


  4. Abhijit Ghosh Says:

    I need a clarification about my career. I completed my Masters in Business Management and then started working with an IT company as a Preoject Executive, where my job role was to analyze the client’s business requirements. After 6 months I switched from there and joined another IT company as a Sales Executive, where my job was to analyze the requirements, map our product and sell with customization. Now i am working with an IT company as a Consultant – Sales Manager. My product domains are ERP and HRMS. Here my job role is to manage a team, visit the prospects, understand their requirements, show demo, documentation (business requirements documentation, proposal, service level agreement etc.).

    My question: Can I become a Business Analyst? How; please advice…

    It will be better if you can directly mail your comments at


    Abhijit Ghosh


    • parth Says:

      yes ….u have all the capabilities to be a business analyst…go for it and all d best


    • Domingo Says:

      Based on your experiences, i considered you already a “Business Analyst”
      the difference is that you were hired with different Titles, but all these Titles required you to have Business Analyst skills.

      So you are already ahead of the game.

      Whenever you are ready to get hired as a Business Analyst all you have to do is tweek your resume with those specific key skill sets related to BA.

      I hope this helps in your future business goals.



      • Ravinder Dhiman Says:

        HI all i want to be a BA please suggest me the 1st step


        • Karin W Says:

          Hi Ravinder,
          The two main things you need to learn are:
          1. To pose relevant questions
          2. To find the answers to those questions.

          No matter how much you study, the mindset of doing 1 and 2 is the most important part of being a BA.

          So, first step is to question yourself, do you have that mindset?

          (I have experienced teaching the skills of a BA to a non BA mindset person – it does not work – that person will never be a BA)



  5. christina Says:

    hey there…realy great article and useful too…what else to say…realy great 😀


  6. big daddy Says:

    Definitely a good biz site. Bookmarkin’ this!


  7. Juan Batista Says:

    Great and insightful article. I found it through Twitter. I am going to rss you, and read some more of the other articles you have written.


  8. sudhanshu Says:

    Hi,Please suggest me about my career steps, if any once can.
    I started my career as QA/QC Engineer, involved in software QA and Testing process and got around 3+ years of experience it . I am very much inrested to opt BA profile , but now its very ambiguous to me that what should be the steps (either training, certifications or anythng else) to get into this field. It will be great if any one suggest me for same. Thanks in Advance.


  9. Idiot... Says:

    Please suggest me…
    I got the offer as a analyst…but i am not interested in that…I want to make my career in software development…so for a time being shall i join this…is it possible to switch from analysis to development phase…please reply me on my email…


  10. nto Says:

    yeah… i like this article…


  11. YOGI Says:

    nice !


  12. sach Says:

    can any one suggest me the requisite to be a Business analyst…
    I have a vary fare experience in Marketing and administration and I understand organisatioanal modus operandi and work process very well as my mostly work with ISO certification body.. now I want to my change job…


  13. nish Says:

    nice article..any BA interview tips please?


    • Smriti Says:

      Hi revert with your mail id at ( I have some good tips and BA interview question.


      • sam Says:

        Send me too BA question if you can? Thank you


      • Atin Says:

        I have my interview lined up with reliance industries for business analyst.
        I have done my 2 years back and since then been working in marketing & handling team.
        Any tips for ba interview questions ??
        Help highly appreciated.


  14. Ram Sharma Says:

    I have 6 yrs of IT sales experience, I have delt with IT products, hardware, IT Services etc I wanted to understand if I can get into Business Analyst Roles? Can I become a Business Analyst?


  15. Netra Says:

    I have just started my career as a Business Analyst. I am BE in computers. I need help on how to go ahead with this career. I truely want to be a business analyst. Please do help me..



  16. bala Says:

    I want to BA.searching for it .if any body one help me .I did my MBA in a school …pls pin me

    with regards


  17. Kevin Says:

    I just got an offer and will start my career as a BA this Jul. This job is about to coordinate between stock exchanges and our development team to get our realtime data best suited to the clients. I really don’t want to mess up from the start. Please do help me with advice.

    Thanks & regards,


  18. joey Says:

    Hello, I have been in IT for over 10 years doing the following:
    1 – help desk
    2 – field engineer
    3 – system support engineer
    4 – network/sys admin
    5 – QA engineer (Production Plant) designed 10 test station
    6 – Contract Project

    The companies such as Law firm, Software Companies, Hospital, Engineering firms.

    Education wise, I have 2 A.A.S. in Electronics and Networking Technology and B.S. in Economics

    I was wondering if you have any tips that you can give me in becoming Business Analyst and I was also thinking of taking a PMP Course. Thank you very much in advance.


  19. Anand Says:


    I have done my MBA in marketing after engineering and working as a sales officer in one financial service industry about 2 yrs. i want a transition from sales to business analyst how should i got about?

    please revert me what should i do for this transition from sales to BA… It will be very thankful…

    with regards


  20. Manish Says:


    I am working as an HR in an IT company, I have a flair of getting aligned to Business role. Can I become a Business Analyst. I have excellent communication skills, as well as team management skills.

    If required I can undergo some for some tech education also.


  21. Venkatesha Bhat Says:

    Good article.

    I need clarification please.

    I was working in Insurance and Real Estate industry in frontline sales as Sales Manager for last 5 years. I was handling Sales agents in Insurance industry and directly handling HNI clients in Real Estate industry. I am looking at Business Analyst as my career and, it is my desired to be a Business Analyst.
    Please suggest me how to go about it..? I am reading Business Analyst – related articles and blogs in different websites.
    Please let me know, if I need to do any courses too?
    I have done Masters in International Business after completing my BBM in Marketing and Finance.

    My Mail ID:

    Venkatesha Bhat


  22. Madhu Says:

    I have 2 years of experience in Banking Industry, I was into Commercial Banking and was selling Current Account and various products related to export and import

    I was into hardcore sales

    I have done MBA in Marketing and Information Technology, after completing my BSc (Horticulture)

    I need to build my career in Business Analyst

    Please help me out

    My Email Id:


  23. AQiL Says:

    Above article is good and very informative about those how are already working in this field.
    But let me guide if I’m new or just entered in this field.


  24. Ashwani Says:


    I am a web developer and my technology is PHP/Mysql . I have 3+ years of experience in development and now I want to switch as BA. I have good understanding on web industry and I think I can do better. Please suggest – is that would be good for my career path?
    – How should I proceed towards that?
    – What should I prepare to get in BA job?

    My Mail ID:



    • Amit Says:

      Well that purely depends on how one can manage to get on functional knowledge of business. If you think that you will be able to get good knowledge of domain functionality then its nothing like that as you already have technical knowledge.


  25. Sanjana Says:

    i did my b.e in chemical engineering, joining an IT firm and want to become a business analyst. how do i go about it??
    please help


  26. THOKO Says:




  27. THOKO Says:



  28. Ravi Says:

    I just want to know the Technical requirements of an BA


  29. manimaran Says:

    hai…iam mani,iam studying mca i am going to attend the interview held on next week…they need the students who are all aware of business ananlyst….i need to know about business analyst….if anyone can help me?


  30. manimaran Says:

    i need to know about technical questions and role of business analyst


  31. Jenny Says:

    A Business Analyst acts as a face of Customer to the Development team.
    Great definition.


  32. Vikram Rout Says:

    I want to know more about BA. How I can learn more about BA. Please Help me or give me any tips on BA.


  33. shivendra Says:

    Hello all ,

    I read this article ad i really like it.

    I own a website development firm and i am looking for more developers but i think i need some help to grow business as well team coordination . what should i do ?

    Thanks in advance !


  34. Sunil Kumar Says:

    Hey yes true this really helps when you are a business analyst in a big IT giant company….these tricks will help me as i m planning to join a big IT company as the Business Analyst.. I am equipping myself for it


  35. anup Says:

    Good article


  36. Vaibhav Says:


    A very nice article.I am a BE(Electronics) grad with PGD in wireless technology and application.I am working as a Senior Associate(Operations) with an Online tutoring Company .I am very much interested to be Business Analyst .Please reply as to how can I be a business analyst.I have a good knowledge in Online tutoring Industry.Also I have do manage a team of developer who manufacture Online tutoring platforms for the new clients .


  37. Jenny Says:

    It’s the 2nd time to read it. Thinking by reading.
    Informal, let me try!


  38. Debarati Says:

    Can you tell me the steps to become a BA while working in a MNC? What type of courses or certifications should I have to apply for a BA Post?


  39. rahul Says:

    hello people,
    i have just completed my MCA(master of computer application) and doing my internship as a junior business analyst in website development company where i have to realize all the requirements of the clients,analyze and make a proposal document for the client according to their need.Later on if it is finalized then i have to sit with the development team and explain all, the details.
    My question is this is technical knowledge is necessary for this job if i want to continue with this career???
    ps:i know c, c++ ,html and trying to learn php in this company.
    please help……


  40. Chris Says:

    I just completed my MBA this past September, and I returned to a small company I helped found before school. One of the most important concepts I learned at school was the role a dedicated business analyst can play and the growing field of analytics. Thanks for the public resource, I’ll be sending my employees here.



  41. kakkar Says:

    can a fresher start his/her career as a business analyst…. is it possible, plz tell …


  42. Nevlyn Says:


    I have just completed my B.E in computers in 2010 and joined a company as a fresher in development about three months back.I haven’t really started any work yet,till now I have just been undergoing training in various technologies.But now I have been offered a role as a BA.I am really confused as to what to do,whether to take up this role as a BA or to continue as a developer as I am a fresher.What are the qualifications and prerequisites of a BA? What does a BA exactly do? Is it advisable for a fresher to go immediately into BA or first start as a developer? Also can a person come back into development once he goes into the BA line? Please reply as soon as possible as I have very little time in taking this decision.Thank You.

    My email ID is:


    • vipul Says:

      first u take experience as a developer and then go for BA.
      because ba means needs to understand what requirement of client and how to communicate with them as well as developer. so its a good for u to join or work as a software developer


  43. HRMS Says:

    Nice article. It illustrates real challenges and tasks of Business Analyst. One should have excellent skills to get into Business Analyst field.


  44. Abhinav Says:


    The aforesaid article is extremely informative and useful for the BA aspirants like me….

    M currently working in banking sector into sales under asset(loan) division..prior to this i have worked as an event manager & sales manager in FM (radio) industry!!!!!total exp – 2yrs 4 months…thanks to recession phase I landed into Financial Sector, which I believe is not my cup of tea…..

    my zeal is to enter into IT sector as BA, through which i will be able to justify my studies ( BE in Elec. Engg. & MBA in Marketing and Operations)….

    M currently searching for relevant certification courses for the same purpose…. Wonder if you can help me out in the same??
    I have excellent communication skills & proven history of successful team handling…..

    My email id is:


    Abhinav Bhiwani


  45. Yash Says:



  46. Sandeep Says:

    I have work experience in sales across BFSI, Media and now in IT .Total exp is more than 8 years.I also have executive mba .What are the prerequisites for me to become business analyst. I have seen people with little relevant exp getting BA jobs in top IT co. Pls advise how to take it forward


  47. jason. Says:


    I have done my masters in business management. I have been working in a IT company as a sales/business deveopment dealing wit IT services/products,etc. I want to swwitch my career into BA, suggest me how.



  48. Vimbique Says:

    I want to be business analyst.Can someone one tell me what it really entails of in the industry/working world as now I am about to leave varsity.


  49. Sankar Says:


    I have around 6 yrs of experience in the field of Knowledge Management. I have no technical experience nor the knowledge. I wish to switch my field as a Business Analyst. Is it a good decision to make? Pls advise.



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