Business Analyst: Build your Credibility

A Business Analyst acts as a face of Customer to the Development team, most of the time. A Business Analyst should be credible enough and the team should have absolute faith in him. Development team should be able to ask any question regarding the system and they should believe in the answers that BAs provide. If they start having doubts on the answers BAs provide they may get tempted to develop something that is not needed by the business or spend extra time in clarifying the doubt from various sources.

The development team should trust a BA; this was the first lesson that I got from a senior BA. When I asked him how to do it, he told me that you have to figure that out for yourself there is no proven formula. Some of the things that I tried and how they helped me in building a good rapport with the development team.

  • Interact with the developers regularly and keep asking them if they have any doubts. The idea is not to overdo it as they may get a feeling that you are trying to judge their work. Keep it simple and just make sure that they know you are there if they need any clarifications in the requirements.
  • Make sure you run the development team through the requirements before they start with the implementation. Do it on module-to-module basis, plan with the Project Managers and Team Leads. Make sure you keep these sessions as informal as possible and try to make them understand the business pain points rather than teaching them (as they may switch off).
  • Encourage the team to approach you for any clarification in the requirements. When they approach you make sure you clarify their issues or get the issues raised to correct person, if you are not the right one.
  • It is a good idea to explain the business side to the developers and also let them know about the domain, as you have that knowledge. Have these talks at non-work timings like lunch, coffee or while traveling. Make sure you don’t come out as a person who is bragging about his knowledge but as a person who is genuinely helping. Keep it honest; if you are not comfortable don’t try it.

I tried these things and they helped me immensely in building a good relation with the development team. Do let me know what works with you and how you achieved it?

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75 Responses to “Business Analyst: Build your Credibility”

  1. Vandana Says:

    Nice article! Thanks.


  2. AMAN Says:

    I am going to choose BA as a career so I was very much interested to know about…. what a BA do and having lots of doubts regarding it….but after reading it i am very much cleared……… thank u so much it help me to understand about BA job well.


  3. SKM Vyas Says:

    The article is really really helpful to understand the key roles of a business analyst. Good Job!


  4. Shailes Vyas Says:


    I work as a social media marketing manager in and wanted to know about a business analysts roles. After reading this article, I found many small but crucial key points to become a successful BA.

    Shailesh Vyas
    Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India)


  5. Thandi Says:

    Hi! Can you please help me understand the overview of the process of business modeling and the role of the business analyst in business process modeling.
    Thank you.


  6. santhosh Says:

    I have been BA, experienced all the points you stated, Nice Job. Keep on going.


  7. Raqsoft Says:

    yes, i agree with u, sometimes, there are hard times for team work, interact with the developers, the designers and all the assistant can be a problem, should not be too regularly and also make sure they understand ur requirements and not feel you are teaching them.


  8. Faraz Says:

    Good and informative article. Thank you.


  9. hari Says:

    what is the future of BA let me knw his description &tools used as a BA,following methodologies,techniques,steps ,practices to become a wellversed BA.


  10. Rosaura Says:


    Can you please help me on how to hire a Business Analyst. Will it worth having a Business Analyst at our Online clothing business of Sarees and Salwar Kameez? Please Suggest.



  11. ajay Says:

    I am in retail branch banking having 8plus years of experience in banking,now I want to switch to Ba ,how can I go for this….plz advise.



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